Text by Prime Sarmiento


I am a lazy shopper.    

Like most female travelers, I like exploring markets and bazaars all over the world, haggling and bargaining for  the sake of it, buying stuff for myself and my friends/family. But my love for shopping ends when it's time to buy gifts – especially Christmas gifts as I sooooo hate the Christmas shopping crowd. In fact, as much as possible, I just buy a gift cheque or treat someone to lunch or dinner in order to avoid the Christmas rush.

Thank Godddess for online shopping and digital products! With just my tablet (and a strong wi-fi/ broadband internet connection, I  can just log in and buy gifts for myself and others I care about.  

So if you are a solo female traveler wanting to buy Christmas gifts either for yourself or girl friends, sisters or mothers who are keen on traveling solo, this shopping guide will help you plan, buy online and avoid the shopping crowd.

1. Luggage, backpacks, and fashionable clothes for travel:

The one stop online shop for the traveling fashionista is  Zalora's Christmas BazaarThe online catalogue showcases bags, shoes and tops catering to various styles and budgets. 

I love Zalora if only because I believe it was created for shoppers like me who travel a lot (for work or leisure) and thus value the convenience of buying quality products online.  

2. Guidebook for the Solo Female Traveler:

The ultimate guide for the first time solo female traveler,  The Art of Solo Travel: A Girl's Guide by  Stephanie Lee is ideal for the woman traveling alone for the first time but has no idea how to go about it. The guide answers all the questions that you have on traveling alone as a woman: from saving money for your travels, to advice on relationships and health on the road and even advice on how to deal with dream crushers.    





3. One year subscription to a REAL Women's magazine:

If you are a Gypsygal like me, then you are probably pissed by all the crap that you read in glossy women's magazines.  Do you actually want to read another article on how fat/ugly/stupid/sex-ignoramus you are and that  you need to buy this make-up, this diet food, this pair of shoes, this book on how to achieve orgasm  in order to be thin/beautiful/smart/desirable to men?

Well, here's the good news, you are beautiful as you are and what you need to read are stories on inspiration and empowerment. So go get yourself or your sisters a one year subscription to this fabulous e-zine Wild Sister!   This is one magazine that is worth spending on if only because you want to start the new year full of self-love and inner strength.     


4. Travel memoirs by female travelers:

There are of course a long list of   books by women who wrote about their adventures. And these books, of course, are ideal gifts to women who need that extra dose of inspiration that will spur them to finally make that solo journey. Some of my favorites were written by these two wonderful and courageous women who I met online and personally admire:  

They only eat their husbands By Cara Lopz Lee  (http://www.caralopezlee.com/they-only-eat-their-husbands.php) and  Kitten Heels in Kathmandu by Mary Bartnikowski  (http://www.bartnikowski.com/books) .  

Buy them, read them, give them to your friends and craft your own journeys.    

5. Guided meditation: 

If you are traveling solo, you are often faced by uncertainties and fears  that can  be stressful and prevent you from exploring further. The best way to tame down these fears is to journey within through meditation.  The chakra healing goddess meditation runs for about half an hour but it's a very powerful tool to help you feel calmer and healed and connect you with your angels/Goddess guide/ascended masters.

This kit also includes a hand-written, hand-illustrated, mini e-book that will guide you in both your inner and outer journeys.  





6. Foldable ballet flats:

I am no shoe-aholic but I like bringing a few pairs and given that I'm too cheap to pay for extra baggage, the shoes must be lightweight, comfy and will look good in anything.

So I'm soooo happy to buy this black foldable ballerina flat from the online shoe shop Suelas  (http://www.suelasonline.com/) . This is one of my last purchases im Manila before I packed my bags and headed to Vietnam. I just can't stop wearing them because they look good with anything – jeans, black trousers, skirts, yoga pants etc.  

I believe you or any of your traveling sisters or BFFs will appreciate this gift.     





7. All natural cosmetics and toiletries that you ca bring anywhere:

Not to mention eco-friendly and socially responsible.  That's why I so recommending that you buy Human Heart Nature's make up and travel kits (http://www.humanheartnature.com/). You look good, you feel good, you do good.  

8. Donate to charity/ Volunteer 

Christmas is all about giving and this is one of those times that we show how grateful we are for the  many blessings we received by donating time, money and relief goods to the survivors of typhoon Haiyann in Visayas, Philippines. There are so many ways to do it. One is through donating to the Philippine Red Cross or through these sites listed by the Philippine government.


Happy (online) shopping everyone!