text and photos by Nina Sarmiento


  Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic is also the cultural center of Eastern Europe. I'm lucky enough to spend a few days wandering around one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. I marveled at its fascinating cathedrals, castles and monuments – it deserves the honor of being a UNESCO heritage site
The quaint city of Prague is divided into two: Old Town and New Town. Each side has its own
charm and mysticism that draws millions of tourists from all over the world.
So if you only have a weekend in Prague, be sure to visit the following:
The Old Town (Czech: Staré Město)
  This is a medieval settlement of Prague and is separated from the outside by a semi-circular moat and wall. It connected to the Vltava river, the longest river in the Czech Republic, at both of its ends.
* Charles Bridge (Czech: Karluv Most)
  Go here at night and you will see statues of martyred saints, almost ready to fly eerily amidt the Gothic domes and spires. The statues by themselves are not enough to impress anyone, but putting them together in a parade-like formation with the Prague Castle in the background is bewitching.
* Old Town Square (Czech: Staromestske Namesti)
  The place that is bustling with energy is obviously the town square. Aside for a perfect place for people watching: the town hall, mansions, palaces and the majestic churches : St. Nicholas Church and Tyn Church are within its perimeter.
* Old Town Hall (Czech: Staromestke Radnice)
A conglomeration of long houses with large Gothic edifice. The tower is worth the climb for the rooftop view.
* Astronomical Clock
  It's not only Mrs. Weasley who has a fancy clock. This town has a clock that tells more about the stars than the time. The characters in the clock "dance" their way every hour.
* Jan Hus Monument
  Facing the Tyn Church is the monument of religion reform hero Jan Hus. He was a conservative opponent of church corruption. The monument features him with his militant disciples.










* The Church of Our Lady before Tyn (Tyn Church)
  The majestic Gothic church with its dramatic cluster of spires is a beautiful landmark located in the old sqaure. Inside the church is the tomb of Tycho Brahe – renown Danish astronomer and mathematician.


  Have you been to Prague? What are the places you visited there? Please share your thoughts on Prague in the comments section.





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