text and photos by Prime Sarmiento




  I didn't expect that going to Corregidor would be the perfect site for annual family trip.  My lil sis ad I were just looking for somewhere close to Manila, not too adventurous but interesting enough for our parents and also something easy on the pocket. We decided on Corregidor in the end because it is a historical site, it is a small island which can be reached through an hour long trip via ferry and we don't have to spend a lot just to get there.
  Corregidor played an important part in Philippine history as this island, which was once a small fishing village, was used as military reservation site during the American colonial era, serving as a  fortress during World War II. This is why you can find ruins of bomb proof shelters, hospitals and barracks in this island. 
  Now, I'm not very keen on any ruins or just about any site related to war – the negative energy depresses me. But as it turned out, my parents, who were both born after the Second World War, were delighted by the ruins of Corregidor.  They were the ones who listened intently to the crash history lessons narrated by the tour guides and had fun walking  the 830-foot-long Malinta Tunnel.  The tunnel, which was once used as a bunker and hospital for Amerucan soldiers, is now a venue of an audio-visual presentation by National Artist Lamberto V. Avellana of events that occurred during World War II.
So if you are a history buff, these photos might encourage to make that short trip to Corregidor.