This is me exploring the Temple street Night market in Kowloon.

This is me exploring the Temple street Night market in Kowloon.

Hong Kong — I made a firm commitment to revive my blog by meeting up a web designer in one of those artsy indie cafes in Kowloon. That the meeting was held in one these third wave cafe  is more than a part of my never ending quest for a good cup of brew.

Rather, it’s symbolic that my decision to return to blogging was done in a type of place that I always look for whenever I’m travelling . A place with good coffee, books, art on the walls, a gift shop that sells organic coffee beans and all-natural toiletries. I always wanted an artsy place to hang out in, something with that creative vibe that spurs me to write in my journal.

Or in this case, to blog. Again. After nearly two years of hiatus. After recovering from my mild depression in 2017. After going through a stressful first half of the year which saw me moving to Hong Kong, navigating through a new home and new office, and adjusting to a new work schedule.

So yes, I’m having my blog redesigned. Because writing is my chosen form of creative expression. Because I want to focus on my craft of writing. Because I’d rather ask someone who loves designing more to express herself though designing my blog. Because I’d rather direct my energy to doing something I love.

My blog is also a way for me to anchor myself. In my many travels, I have learned that while I loved being a free spirit that it was time for me to deepen my roots. That it's time for me to settle down.

That can be Hong Kong. That can be Manila. That can be another place. But what I know is that I want to be in a place where I can have my own community. Blogging helps me to be more clear about this. By writing about my intentions, I can direct all my energies and manifest what my heart desires.